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"I just discovered a brilliant local website, go green nola, that compounds ideas and suggestions to lead a organic and healthier lifestyle at a local level...The features and comprehensive 'green lifestyle' information are endless...Developed by Lillian Lovich, the clean site design is easy and fun to navigate and worthy of winning a 'Webby'."

- Jeanne Foster
Gambit Weekly is the most up-to-date resource for local environmental news and action ideas for New Orleans. Lillian has created an information-heavy site that is cleanly designed and super easy to navigate, while retaining the unique-to-New-Orleans creative feel.

- Angie Green
The Green Project


Find out the who, what, and why of good egg web studio, plus some fun facts.


Lillian Lovich is the main chick behind good egg web studio. She has worked in web design and development since 1998. It was something she picked up for fun while getting a Masters in Logic and Computation at Carnegie Mellon University.

Good egg also employs a full roster of roosters! of freelancers depending on the needs of a particular project. (BTW- if you are a freelance graphic or web designer/developer and would like to work with us, drop us an email!)


We create small to medium size websites and help to maintain them and many others. Most of our clients are non-profits, small-businesses or creatives because having worked in or started those types of businesses ourselves, we understand their specific needs. But, we will work with anyone who needs an easy-to-use website for a fair price.


In our opinion, websites that are well-designed make the world a better place. We love sites that "don't make us think" about how to use them. And, when a website shows that it was created by humans for humans, we like it even more! (We've done that here with puns and p.s., but know non-funny ways to do it too!)

Some Fun Facts