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User-friendly - refers to websites that are user-centered or designed with the user in mind. For these sites, the users "don't have to think" about how to use the sites because they are obvious and intuitive.

Computer Geek-Speak - to us, this refers to speaking in abbreviations and shortcuts of web programming languages and applications. For example, "I FTP-ed the CSS and HTML." We only speak this way to other computer geeks!

W3C validation - is a "grammar test" for websites. HTML is the main language of webpages. The W3C, a consortium of web developers, created guidelines by which programmers can check that their HTML is written correctly.

Content Management System/CMS - is a system that lets the user log in, either create new pages or make text, graphic or structural changes to existing pages and then publish the pages to the live website.

Wordpress - is one of our favorite CMS (or blogs) because its code is poetry and very easy to use.

Joomla - is another of our favorite CMS because it is open source and very easy to use.

Open Source - is software that is free to use and which provides the original source code used to create it so that advanced users can modify it to make it work better for them.

Hosting Service - is a commercial, free or advertising-supported service that allows a third party to store information on an Internet host (e.g. web server).


Services available inclusively (as a customized website) or individually.

Customized Websites

In our opinion, socks are the only true one-size-fits-all item. Websites should be customized to the client. We will listen carefully to your needs & wants and employ them to create a user-friendly and well-designed website. And we'll keep the computer geek-speak to a minimum. We don't need to prove we are smart by making you feel dumb. Set up your free first meeting about your website.

Usability & Information Architecture

Usability refers to the ease with which users find the exact information they need when they need it. Information architecture is making sure that that information is logically organized. Users only notice a website's usability and information architecture when it doesn't work. We avoid that kind of attention by creating websites that are easy and intuitive to use. We can also work exclusively on an existing site's usability and/or information architecture, contact us for details.

Website Programming

We are crazy about CSS and HTML. Really. We jump up and down when our code passes W3C validation (usually the first time around)! All the websites we design and code from start to finish will pass validation. We also do free freelance CSS/HTML programming. So, contact us for web programming work, too.

Website Updating and Maintenance

Already have a website, but tired of updating it? Let us help. We have a long and diverse history of managing websites of all shapes and sizes - from those using content management systems to sites with static pages, we can handle them all. Contact us to discuss updating and maintaining your website.

Green Tech Consulting

We are committed to living the green life. (So much so that we created a website about it: Go Green NOLA.) We have provided ideas on how to green your office and internet space on the green egg page and in our website proposals, we outline green alternatives to traditional services when available. If you would like more individualized attention, contact us and we'll help you go green, too!